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MAV Lining Paper 1700 - Buy Paint Online
MAV Lining Paper 1700 - Buy Paint Online

MAV Lining Paper 1700

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Erfurt Mav 1700 Grade Lining Paper


Erfurt Mav’s 1700 Grade Lining Paper is one of the thickest traditional lining papers papers available and is only superseded in thickness by 2000 Grade. These thick lining papers are ideal for covering and smoothing out rough plaster work, minor cracks and wall imperfections to leave you with flat, even walls and the perfect base for Paint or Contemporary Wallpaper.  


While 1700 Grade Lining Paper is thick and will cover a host of imperfections, when walls are really rough and damaged we recommend choosing a specialist lining paper such as Wallrock Thermal Liner.


Benefits of Erfurt Mav Professional Lining Paper


    • Superb Tensile Strength

    • Easy to Cut and Handle

    • Made from Pure Paper Pulp

    • Superior Quality

    • Creates a Superbly Smooth Finish

  • Environmentally Friendly (FSC or PEFC Approved)