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MAV Lining Paper 1000

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Erfurt Mav 1000 Grade Lining Paper


Erfurt Mav, the brand, has become synonymous with quality lining and wallpaper products. Because Erfurt Mav’s traditional lining papers deliver such an excellent base layer for paint and other wall coverings, most professional decorators simply won’t use any other lining paper. With a super smooth surface and easy cutting and handling properties, they really are the best lining papers that money can buy. 


Benefits of Erfurt Mav Professional Lining Paper


    • Economical

    • Superb Tensile Strength

    • Easy to Cut and Handle

    • Made from Pure Paper Pulp

    • Superior Quality

    • Creates a Superbly Smooth Finish

  • Environmentally Friendly (FSC or PEFC Approved)