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Farrow & Ball Metal Primer & Undercoat

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Farrow & Ball Metal Primer & Undercoat is a rust inhibiting primer for metal. Use metal primer under Farrow & Ball Full Gloss and Exterior Eggshell. This metal primer is great for gutters made of metal. More examples of its use are gates, railings and garden furniture. Metal Guttering.


Choose from four colour tones. White (Light Tones); 15 Bone (Mid Tones); 49 Porphyry Pink (Red & Warm Tones) and 26 Downpipe (Dark Tones).  Farrow & Ball chose the fours tones to work with all their colours.


All surfaces must be clean and free from oil, grease, dirt, rust and flaking paint. New and previously painted metal surfaces should be thoroughly degreased. Remove any weak paint and rust back to bare metal.


This product is water based and must be protected from frost and extreme temperatures. Use within 6 months of purchase. We accept no responsibility for the deterioration of contents or packaging after this date.