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DECO Color Silicon Spray

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Hydrophobic lubricant for preservation of rubber and plastic parts of the car, home and industry. Protects against water and oxidation. Protects rubber parts against drying and freezing. Preserves plastic and makes it more glossy.
Refreshes mat paint coatings. Helps in mounting windows. Good grease for locks, hinges and chains. Helps to remove elements from their forms. Gives electrical insulation due to its anti-statistic properties.

Odourless, non-toxic, colourless
Reduces friction, eliminates creaks and squeaks.
Resistant to temperatures from - 50°C to + 200°C
Petrol resistance
Weather condition resistance
Good insulator
Antistatic; does not attract dirt and dust
Capacity 400 ml


Before applying read carefully instructions on the container and use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.