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DECO Color New Bath Swiss Formula - 2K enamel for bath refurbishment - Buy Paint Online

DECO Color New Bath Swiss Formula - 2K enamel for bath refurbishment (500ml)

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Professional 2K enamel for cast iron, enamel and acrylic bathtubs renovation. Suitable for painting toilets, sinks, showers etc. Suitable also for other surfaces such as ceramics, wood, laminate surfaces (boats, yachts, airplanes), steel and aluminium as well as for plastic elements. Designed to coat surfaces above and below the waterline.


Professional two-component product recommended by companies which are specialized in baths renovations.

Short drying time: 16 h – hardened
Standard colour RAL 9016 pure white
Super gloss and long lasting colour, does not become yellow, high resistance to UV
Next layer application: minimum 60 min, maximum 18-24 h
Perfectly covers and fills, creating diamond coating
Efficiency: 7 m², enough for bath and washbasin
Weather conditions and salt water resistance
Good filling properties
High temperature resistance up to 80°C
For indoor and outdoor use
Capacity 500ml

Main features:

Short time of full hardening: only 16 hours
High capacity: one container is sufficient for bath-tube and wash-basin
Good covering power
Perfectly fills fine capillary base pits
High resistance for UV radiation (does not subject to yellowing)
Creates durable and high-gloss coating
Resistance to weather conditions, fresh and salt water

Physical and chemical properties:

Capacity 500 ml (enamel + curing agent)
Base/resin acryl-polyurethane
Colour RAL 9016 pure white
Gloss  full gloss
Application temperature circa 20°C (minimum 10°C)
Dust free  50 minutes  
Touch free  after 90 minutes
Completely dry   after 12-16 hours
High temperature resistance: till 80°C
VOC content 550g/ml                                    


Before applying read carefully instructions on the container and use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Recommended substrate conditions:

Preparing the substrate is very important action influencing the quality and life of varnish coating. Fundamental principle, which relate to all surfaces prepared to painting is to grind, de-grease and dry out. After drying the primed surface should be grinded with fine-grained sandpaper (e.g. P600). If the consecutive layers are applied within 24 hours there is no need to grind between them. When used in capacity of renovation coating, the enamel can be applied directly on coatings showing good adhering properties, based on two-component paints (polyurethane or epoxy), or directly on thoroughly degreased raw surfaces.

How to use:

The enamel can be applied with spray gun, brush or roller. At the best apply the enamel at temperature about 10-25°C (optimum temperature for good varnish drying). Drying time de-pends also on air humidity and product density. Painting should be made in well ventilated room. Before painting thoroughly mix A and B components. Protect surfaces not intended for painting, then start spreading the enamel. After being mixed, the preparation is ready to use for 4-6 hours at 20°C.