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Beeline Red Devil Onetime Filler

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Halls Beeline Red Devil Onetime Light Weight Ready Mixed Filler: - Fills dents, cracks, nail holes and other small and large holes in interior and exterior surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood and stucco. This lightweight formula spreads easily for fast, professional repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application. It dries fast doesn;t need sanding and won't shrink, crack or flake. Can be painted within minutes with water based paints. Takes all types of paint when dry . Cleans up easily with water. PREPERATION: -Clean & dry area thoroughly, removing any loose paint, plaster or dirt.


APPLICATION: -Stir compound. If materials is so dry that it falls off knife, add no more than one teaspoon of water per 250ml of filler and stir again. Using a flexible filling knife, press filler firmly into hole or crack and smooth over. May be painted in minutes. Allow more time for large and high humidity areas. Must be painted over with a water resistant paint when used on exterior surfaces.


CLEAN UP: - Wash tools and hands with water before filler dries