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QTECH Spray | Disinfectant Spray | Paint Spray
QTECH Spray | Disinfectant Spray | Paint Spray
QTECH Spray | Disinfectant Spray | Paint Spray


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Aristospray launch new product, making sanitiser application, effective, fast and easy in the fight against Covid 19.

Aristospray are doing their bit to help fight against the pandemic with the creation of the all new QT190S.

Using their many years of expertise in the airless paint spray industry, the QT190s is specifically designed for spraying hard and soft surfaces with broad spectrum disinfectants and sanitiser with maximum full surface coverage for a deep clean sanitisation even in hard to reach intricate areas.

The all new QT190S spray pump effectively sucks directly from a bucket of disinfectant, along the 15mtr light weight flexible hose, through the gun, spray lance and sanitising tip.

The QT190S has a pre-set regulated pressure setting which with the correct tip combination delivers a unique fogging technology combined with a revolutionary mist that sets it apart from other application methods.

Typical applications include; NHS ; Ambulances, Hospitals, Rescue services etc. Vehicles; Buses, Trains, Planes, Ships etc. Industrial and Public buildings; Schools, Food processing factories, Cinemas, Restaurants etc.

The QT190S comes a complete ready to spray light weight package including;

- Spray Gun

- 15” Spray Lance

- Sanitising spray tip

- Gun filter

- 15mtr flexible hose

- QT190S-110 QT190S

- Disinfectant Sprayer – 110v

- QT190S-220

- QT190S Disinfectant Sprayer – 220v