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Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat - Buy Paint Online

Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat

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This product is available in a number of different colours. 

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Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat 1 Litre

Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat 1 Litre. This is a traditional oil-based primer and undercoat for wood or metal. Its great for indoors or out. And you won’t need a separate tin of primer. Everything you need is in the one can. This saves you money.  Plus you can use it under all the Little Greene paint finishes. 

Product Facts

  • Available in colours to match your chosen top-coat colour
  • High opacity matt finish
  • Low odour
  • Contains anti-corrosive properties
  • Coverage 12 m2 per litre depending on surface
  • 2 coats recommended
  • Surface dry in 4 hours. Overcoat after 16 hours (minimum)
  • Excellent flow and self levelling
  • Available in 1 and 2.5 litre cans

Surface Preparation

Hardwood. Do not apply Traditional Oil Primer direct to resinous hardwood. First apply Little Greene Aluminium Wood Primer.  Lightly sand non-resinous hardwoods. Seal knots with knotting solution.

Softwoods. Lightly sand wood prior to painting. Seal knots with a knotting compound. Ensure moisture content of timber is below 15% before painting. Never paint damp wood. This can lead to blistering, flaking or cracking.

Green Oak. Leave green Oak to weather at least 6 months before painting.

Metals. Remove surface rust from metal before applying Little Greene Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat. Non ferrous metals must be pre-treated or primed with an appropriate primer.

Existing paint finishes. Remove all loose and flaking paintwork. Wash down with sugar soap. Rinse with clean water. Rub down with a medium grade sand paper to provide a key. “Feather in” areas where paint has been removed. Make good any repairs. Sand and then apply the primer to exposed surfaces.