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Where to use the 5 paint sheens

Choosing the right finish can really make or break a project. So it is vitally important to know where each sheen is most effective. 

As most of our followers are painting professionals this blog post is more tailored towards those that are just starting up in the industry or people that are looking for some DIY advice. 

So what is a paint sheen? In essence, the higher the gloss level the shinier the paint looks. Therefore different types of sheens are better suited for different areas of your house or your clients house. 

High Gloss - 

The most durable of all paints and the easiest to clean. High Gloss is ultra-shiny and good at reflecting light. A great choice for areas that often get touched - doors, cabinets and trims. Would be far too shiny for any interior walls though. 

Semi-Gloss - 

Great for rooms that struggle with moisture, drips and grease. Such as bathrooms or kitchens. 

Satin -

Very easy to clean which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas of your house. Kids rooms, hallways and living rooms. 

Eggshell -

Perfect for covering wall imperfections. Ideal for areas like family rooms, dining rooms and hallways. 

Flat or Matte -

Has the most pigment and will provide the most coverage. Very difficult to clean without taking some of the paint job off. Great for adult rooms, garages, ceilings, wardrobes. 

So that's the sheens... one final tip for you all though. If your paint is quite dark then drop down a level on the sheen scale.




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