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Using the Colour Red in Your Home

The colour red is known as an intense colour and is often associated with tomorrow's annual celebration, Valentine's Day. I'm sure you are all getting tired of the Valentine's Day marketing so the link between red and the celebration is the only link we will make. 

So, introducing red paint to your home can enhance the energy, passion and excitement into your life. If you like the idea of implementing some red into your home but aren't quite sure on what type of red and what combinations work best then we will present some ideas and tips in this blog post. 

Shades of red

Whatever room you are painting, take inspiration from the natural world and consider all of the shades of red on the colour palette. You want to make sure you consider how certain shades affect the overall theme of your room, paying attention to the finish you want to achieve.  

Red in the living room

Red is richly pigmented colour meaning it is great at making the walls seem closer and making the room feel cosier. It is a colour that absorbs light and deceives the mind into believing a room is smaller than it actually is. As the living room is the main area of most houses, it is a place where you want to relax with the family with a good movie or tv show so creating a cozy environment is always welcomed. Consider combining autumnal tones of red with softer tones of red to achieve this. 

Red in the kitchen

The kitchen is the part of the house that is always alive with natural reds like tomatoes and chilli peppers, complimenting these hues with red walls and white trim can produce fantastic results. In the kitchen it is important to choose a finish suitable for a messy space, i.e. grease proof. 

Red in the bedroom 

Red paint can really burst a bedroom into life. Using a red accent wall and muted touches of grey to create a sophisticated look. Red is also a great choice if you have wooden furniture in your bedroom as it marry's well with wood. 





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