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The Best Paint Colour for Bedrooms

Creating a bedroom that's energizing and mood-boosting can make waking up early and leaving a comfortable bed a whole lot easier. As colours and light effect our mood, there is a strong argument for a colourful bedroom. 

1) Cobalt Blue 

Bedroom Paint

High gloss paints are a great way to make a bold statement. The rich, liquid like sheen helps bounce light around a dark room. 

2) Terracotta

Bedroom Paint

Although brown isn't the most obvious paint colour when decorating a bedroom, this warm bedroom makes a great case for it. 

3) Steel Blue

Bedroom Paint

For a moodier bedroom that isn't too dark, try a steel blue grey like the one in this bedroom. You can then lighten up the bedroom with colourful decor. 

4) Mint Green

Bedroom Paint

A bedroom that has a traditional feel to it. Pairing this paint with traditional decor really works beautifully. 

5) Khaki Green

Bedroom Paint.

A soothing, nature inspired shade of green. Helps create a relaxing environment to wake up in. 




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