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The Best Paint Colour for a Small Bathroom

We're bringing a new blog series your way and this time we're painting an entire house. Room by room we will provide advice, inspiration and our choice of colour scheme, with the idea of decorating a whole house (figuratively of course). 

First up, we're starting with the Small Bathroom.

Just because your bathroom is limited in size, it doesn't mean it's destined to always be a strictly practical space. By implementing the right design tricks you can bridge the gap between function and form, no matter the size. 

Using Paint to Open a Space

When trying to make a room appear bigger with paint, there are few things you should remember, such as the shine level, the colour and how different colours combine. Reflective surfaces will disperse throughout the room and make it feel more open, lighter colours will brighten up your bathroom and make the walls appear wider, and certain colour combinations will pair together to make the whole room seem larger.

Some colours to consider to make a room appear bigger:

- Bright White: A warm colour that is ideal when paired with darker, more vibrant colours.

Decorating a small bathroom

- Beige: Also another colour that is great when paired with colourful accents.

Decorating a small bathroom

- Purples: Purples like Violet are light and airy, and work well with white trims and features.

Decorating a small bathroom

- Blues: Great for any bathroom and pairs well with neutral colours.

Decorating a small bathroom

Mirror Illusions

Through the use of a large mirror you can create an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is, due to the reflection of light in the room.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling the Same Colour

By painting the walls and ceiling the same colour you 'erase the lines' and eliminate a break in space, giving the impression of taller walls. 


Letting in more natural light will make the room look bigger and brighter. An easy way to do this is keep the windows clean and clear of decorations. 

If you don't have any windows, then no problem. Through the use of artificial light placed around the room you can make your bathroom look bigger. 

Less Is More

Don't go over the top with decorations. Keep it simple. Too many decorations can make a small space seems cluttered and cramped. 

Our Choice

Decorating a small bathroom can be a tough task, and choosing the right colour scheme can be even tougher. For this particular room we are going for a tone-on-tone palette. This will keep the bathroom looking spacious and open, and the overall look of the room won't be broken. 

So, what is this tone-on-tone colour palette? A vibrant teal combined with bright white accents and features. This combination makes a bold statement whilst also achieving our desired effect of making the small bathroom feel larger. For an example, see below;

Decorating a small bathroom

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you would have chosen a different colour let us know!





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