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Making Your Colour Palette Pop This Winter

Make your palette pop this winter with colour shades that look great in artificial light. 

In the winter months we tend to rely heavily on artificial lighting, so it is important to know which colours work best in each room of your house when it comes to artificial lighting. 


Bedrooms don't necessarily need much artificial lighting. This is where dusky shades thrive as they are gentle, and great at turning down the visual noice. 


When it's cold outside you always want to make it feel and look warm inside, particularly in the smaller rooms in our houses. Bathrooms tend to struggle the most from the winter blues if the colours and lighting are too harsh. A recommendation to counteract this is to use muted shades on the walls and ceilings, with bright accessories used to help make the room pop. 


The kitchen is a pivotal area of the house during the winter period. Therefore it is recommended to intensify the palette with rich, warm and spicy hues. 

Living Room

The lighting in the living room should be designed to create a relaxing environment. Low level lamps, firelight and fairy lights should replace overhead lights. Colours for the walls should be cosy, mellow and warming to enhance comfort. w


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