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How to promote your painting and decorating business

Like the majority of local businesses, painting and decorating contractors can find stiff competition for jobs. This has resulted in online marketing being a mandatory aspect of every decorators business in today's industry. 

Promoting a business online is becoming increasingly difficult. Just having a website doesn't quite cut it. You need to develop a strong social media presence and have a long-term strategy in place to fully exploit the benefits of online marketing. 

Below are some tips on how to promote your business.

1. Create 'local' content 

Content marketing is vitally important when it comes to social media. We all know it is often hard to find time to create your own content but content that is locally focused and is relevant to your customers can help give your business a head start on your competitors.  

By creating content that is locally focused, your visibility in local search results increases and your social media presence improves in your area. You can create localised content on topics such as the local news, tips on painting and DIY tips. 

2. Use targeted ads on Facebook

Facebook is great for creating ads to reach any particular demographic. If you can highlight a specific group of local (based on age, location, interest, income, etc) then Facebook ads is the best way to reach them. 

It is important to make sure your target isn't too broad. A broader target may show your ads to more people but it's all about the quality of your prospect, not the amount of people you hit. 

3. Promote positive customer reviews through your marketing efforts

If your painting and decorating business has an online presence, then customers will leave reviews about your work naturally. Be sure to engage with every positive review and increase their visibility. 

4. SEO

In today's world, search engines have superseded old school directories like the Yellow Pages. This has made having a competent SEO strategy not just an additional marketing strategy but a compulsory aspect of online marketing.  

Focus on tailoring your SEO to your local area. For example, if you are based in Hampshire be sure to tailor towards that. 

5. Google AdWords

Google AdWords's geo-targeting feature is a great way to maximise your business's awareness in certain areas. There are a number of ways to set the target area of your ads, with the best option being selecting a radius around your service location. 

6. Ensure your contact information is clearly mentioned

This one should be pretty obvious. However, many businesses unintentionally make it a struggle for visitors to find their address, mobile number or business hours on the website. With lead generation being a pivotal aspect of online marketing, these are possibly the most important pieces of information of your website and they need to be clearly visible for visitors. 

Hope these will help you all grow your businesses.


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