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How to prepare for a painter and decorator


If you've got a painter and decorator booked in for a job at your house there are a few little things you can do before they arrive which would be of great help to them, and will inturn make your life much easier. Here are some tips. 


Before any work can begin, it is important to make sure the room in which the painter and decorator is starting with is cleaned thoroughly. Get the hoover out and remove any dust or cobwebs that might be there. 

The paintwork, including the doors and skirting, must also be clean. If the kitchen is on the agenda to be painted then make sure you remove any grease that might be about, as this can be paint's number one enemy. Also, if the bathroom is being redecorated then be sure to remove any mould lurking in the corners. 

Wall Attachments

Any photos or artwork that you have hanging on the walls will need to be taken down. If they are to be re-hung in the same place then leave the hooks in place. 

If you have any electrical appliances mounted on the wall then it is best to remove them to avoid any potential damages. 


Ideally your painter and decorator will want your rooms completely empty of furniture, but sometimes that just isn't possible due to having nowhere to put it or not being able to move them yourself. In that case, just focus on trying to leave the walls free and give your painter and decorator easy access to the walls by moving all furniture to the centre of the room. 



In most cases you are paying for the time of the painter and decorator so it makes sense to help them out as much as possible so they can get stuck right into the job. Win-win for everyone. 






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