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How light affects colour

Has a customer ever asked you why does a paint colour look different in certain lights? Well, colour is different wavelengths of light reflecting from a surface into our eyes and if the light hitting that is changed, as does the colour that is reflected back. Below is some advice on what instigates the change of colour and some knowledge you can relay to customers if they ask you again. 


1. Getting the colour right - To enhance customer satisfaction, recommend trying a tester on the walls so your customer is well aware of how light will affect the colour they have chosen. They will be able to test different colours and see how they change over the course of the day. Helping them to make an informed decision on what suits each room.

2. North and South - As the direction of light changes throughout the day (North/South), the appearance of colour in rooms will also change. When discussing a job with a customer, tell them the importance of taking into consideration what time of the day each room will be used most and the orientation of the room.

3. Artificial lighting - Warm LED and Halogen lights are considered the best types of artificial light, as they reduce the chance of your customers colour changing for all colours. Tell your customers to avoid low energy fluorescent bulbs as they make neutrals and tints look washed out. 





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