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Four New Ways to Transform a Living Room

Do you have clients asking for fresh ideas to revamp their living room? Or are you looking to refresh your own living room but are stuck for ideas? Then you've come to the right place.

This blog post presents 4 different colour palettes created by Dulux and their colour experts that can completley transform your living room for 2020. 

1. The Joyful Living Room

Vibrant tones that bring in a sense of positivity. Multicoloured stripes are disruptive yet stylish. Use pink and yellow stripes to create an environment that is light-hearted and playful. Paint a tranquil colour below the stipes to balance out the intensity.

Colours to use;

- Tranquil Dawn

- Copper Blush

- Citrus Zing

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2. The Minimal Living Room

This approach creates a more calming, peaceful space to help relax and reflect. The perfect colour to create this type of mellow living room is a gentle taupe. Complemented with a smooth chocolate. It is important to stick to the essentials within the living room and to decorate with unfussy accessories. 

Colours to use;

- Pale Taupe

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3. The Soothing Living Room

For those that want their living room to look sophisticated. The use of soft pastel shades create a calm environment and help you slow down and relax. It is recommended to paint a high horizontal stripe in a warm sandy tone to give the living room a touch of modernism. Decorate with metallic accessories to create a sleek living room. 

Colours to use;

- Tranquil Dawn

- Dune Grass

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4. The Expressive Living Room

A rich olive green reflects deep autumnal hues for a warm and inviting living room for lively parties. Accentuate the earthy theme with wooden furniture. 

Colours to use;

- Stable Gates

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