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Embracing the Maximalism trend for Winter

This winter, glitz and glamour is in, from big, bold colours to vibrant, colourful fabrics. Maximalism is a popular choice, and more really is more. 

With maximalism design you really can do whatever you want... there is a "you can't mess this up" style to it which makes it an enjoyable decorating trend. 

Until the idea of Hygge and comfort became prominent in the decorating world, minimalism was strong for many years. This shift in trends meant filling our homes with stuff we love was becoming popular, instead of focusing on having as little as possible in rooms. Maximalism has heightened this, with the trend promoting even more use of the stuff we love. 

This style isn't entirely random, it can't be achieved by simply filling your space with an abundance of decor. Those that implement it best don't commit 100 percent to its ideas, but borrow certain aspects of it when transforming a space. 

It is important to know that there is no wrong way to introduce a maximalist style to your home. It is simply about adding things you love to the decor. Below are three key tips on what you should focus on if you want to introduce maximalism to your home. 

1. Be brave with colours - 

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The main foundation for this trend is colour... and lots of it. When researching maximalist colours for ideas you will notice that dark tones are the most popular choice. This is because it allows you to add more colour around the room without the space looking 'tacky'. The use of bright and bold accents help balance the room out when combined with dark tones on the wall. 

2. Decorate with what you love - 

Decorating Ideas | DIY Tips | Buy Paint Online

Maximalism means more of all your favourite things, that includes; colour, accessories, fabrics, etc. The best way to make it so the room doesn't become too random, find a few common colours and patterns to repeat through the decor. 

3. Highlight features - 

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Pick out prominent features like fireplaces and use a contrasting paint colour to the wall it is sitting on to really make it pop. 




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