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3 decorating rules to ignore

You've probably absorbed a number of decorating tips and rules over the years without even realising it. Although decorating rules are essential to getting the basics done in your home, many are outdated and should be ignored.

This blog post highlights which rules need to crossed out of the rule book to help you improve your home. 

1. Everything must match - Not everything needs to match!! You can pair unlikely colours together if it fits the style of your home and decor. 

2. Do not use dark colours in small rooms - If your goal is to decorate a small room to be aesthetically pleasing, then no matter the size of the room you can blend dark colours into the design. However, it is important to be cautious of lighting as that may impact how it looks.

3. Ceilings should always be white - A recent trend in the decorating industry has seen decorators venture away from the traditional white ceiling as a way of adding more colour to a room. However, painting your ceiling anything but white is a big commitment and should be thought through thoroughly. 

4. Never use wallpaper in a bathroom - This is neither wrong or right really, it just depends on your bathroom situation. If you struggle with steam in your bathroom then it is probably best to stick to paint, but if your room is used for leisurely bathing and steam isn't an issue then adding some wallpaper can really add some character to your bathroom. 




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